About Us

Welcome to WePickSports!

We analyze statistics, trends, past data, team match ups, line movements, public money, insider tips, computer generated data, our Las Vegas odds-maker connections, and so much more to provide our customers with winning picks.

With modern technology, sports handicapping has vastly changed. Vegas odds makers are exponentially better than they were in years past. Some of the most well known handicappers in the world have seemed to fallen behind the curve. Our team of handicappers have been beating the books for multiple decades; evolving each and every day. Our guys adhere to the learning curve unlike any other handicappers on the market. We thrive in handicapping all major sports. Where one of our handicappers has weakness another has strength. A team of handicappers will always out perform and individual handicapper.

Our handicappers will lead you down the path to success!

 We provide selections for:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • MLB
  • NHL

Our Handicapping System:

Our handicapping system is dynamic and constantly improved to provide maximum results for our customers. It’s imperative that you utilize a unit system when handicapping sports on a daily basis. Exercising restraint and good judgement with your bankroll will ensure maximum results in the long term. We usually play 1-3 selections per day. Sometimes we will have no plays sometime we may have 4 or 5 depending on the day.

Our daily plays use a unit system of “stars”. We assign picks a value ranging from 1*-10* stars depending on how strong our confidence is in the analysis.

We recommend spending 1% of your available weekly bankroll per star.

Example: A 5* star play represents a recommended 5% wager of your weekly bankroll. A 7* star play represents a recommended 7% of your weekly bankroll. If you are a $100 per star player you would wager $500 on a 5* play and $700 on a 7* play. Following this scale ensures protection from harsh swings and is absolutely imperative for sustaining long term profits.

Diamond Club Selections: 

Every now and then our handicappers will all come to an agreement on their top ranked plays. When this happens we classify this play as a Diamond Selection. The 8*, 9*, and 10* plays are classified as our Diamond Selections! These are our highest recommendations. We will do our best to get you as many Diamond Selections as possible, however it is important to remember we never want to force any of these plays. Historically we pick between 65%-75% on these games. We typically recommend wagering a max of 10% weekly bankroll on these plays. These plays will be noted with a {Diamond Selection} next to them.

Diamond Club Selections are not included under regular season packages!

We would love to win every day but even our handicappers have off days from time to time. It is imperative that you practice discipline and listen to your handicappers suggestions on each game! If you can stick to our suggestions and play each game accordingly you will have an opportunity to make a ton of money.

Why choose us?

Plain and simple; We are better than the rest! Don’t believe us? Then let us show you! Try us out for 5 days at no cost!

Why do we give you a free 7 day trial?

We are one of the only sites to give a free seven day trial before asking you to sign up with us. We are confident that over a seven day span you will have adequate time to enjoy profits, learn how to use our system, and become familiar with our handicappers selections.

How and when do I receive the selections?

Our handicappers’ selections will  be emailed to you daily from [email protected]. You will also be given a unique username and password upon enrolling. You may view the plays by logging into the Members Dashboard. 

Please make sure to add [email protected]  to your email contacts folder.

Our handicappers will usually send their plays between 11:00AM-2:00PM ET. (unless there are earlier day games). We will always make sure that you have adequate time to get your plays in. It is imperative that you notify us immediately if you do not see plays an hour before game times! Certain email providers may have issues with receiving our emails. We will investigate and fix the issue for you immediately.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that you notify us immediately if you do not see plays an hour before game time! If you do not receive the selections an hour before game time please email us or log in to the Members Dashboard! If you have a special request about time plays are sent let us know and we will cater to you the best we can!

Can I sign up for just one specific sport?

Unfortunately we do not do select sport packages. When your purchase one of our memberships you will receive selections in all sports. If you only want to play certain sports that is fine but it is important that you understand: WE ARE PROFITABLE IN ALL SPORTS! With that being said who cares whether your joining us for fun or not. We understand some of you only like to watch certain sports. However you don’t necessarily buy stock in Microsoft because you like the company; you buy their stock because it is profitable company and you expect to make money by investing in it. You should treat sports handicapping the same way. This is an investment; an investment that is far more profitable than any stock, mutual fund, or interest yielding savings account you will ever find!

Meet Our Handicappers

Our featured handicappers are the best in the business. We have been in this industry for many years and after tracking thousands of different handicappers we have found no one is better than the three gentlemen below.

Steven Gallagher “The One”

Steven started handicapping at the age of 19. He took a beating for 10 years and quit handicapping until he met a very well known handicapper in Las Vegas. This handicapper taught him everything there is to know about sports handicapping. Steven learned how to read lines, watch public money, analyze past trends and statistics, It is now 25 years later and he is now a prime time sharp. Steven has won many handicapping contests in Las Vegas and loves to assits others in the world of sports handicapping. He looks forward to assisting you on your journey to the promise land. He will be watching, rooting, and winning with you on every single game our team gives you.

Scotty Goldman “The Bookie Reaper”

Scotty Goldman is a “Contrary Handicapper.” He has been consistently beating the books for 28 years. Scotty is the sharpest of sharps. Scotty goes against the grain on many of his plays. Sometimes he will send a game that you may ask yourself “Why the hell does he like this garbage team?” Well that is where Scotty is ahead of the game. Scotty thinks like a Las Vegas odds maker. He is an expert at finding Las Vegas “Trap Games” and giving you the winning side! He is one of the best line readers in the business and knows where every cent is wagered on every game across the board. Scotty has many contacts with odds makers throughout Las Vegas. He knows how the lines makers think giving him a greater advantage than any other handicapper out there! Scotty profits substantially in all sports but specializes in NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Robbie Chang “The Sheriff”

Robbie Chang is Mr. Statistics. He is a math genius who loves sports. Robbie knows every statistic and trend about every game on the board. He has a super system that has let him beat the book for 19 years in the making. Robbie specializes in finding errors in the odds makers lines and attacking them. His statistical analysis is beyond any handicapper in the world. He is more thorough and prepared than any handicapper you will ever find. Robbie consistently profits in all sports but excels in totals plays, MLB, NHL, College Basketball, and College Football.