The Best Sports Moments of 2015

New Year’s is almost upon us, with several major championships coming up and a lot to engage the excitement of fans and sports bettors in 2016. We’ll keep providing those who utilize our handicapping consulting services with picks to enhance their pocketbook, but for now we’d like to take one last moment to look back […]

2015 Thanksgiving Football Schedule

Football is one of the longest-standing Thanksgiving traditions in many households. In between an over-hyped parade and a gluttonous diner with angry relatives, we get to punctuate the year by watching John Madden reward a bunch of hard-working football players with a freaky six-legged turkey. Or at least, that’s how it used to be. But […]

Fantasy Sports Ban Riles New York

Fantasy sports fans in New York are angry right now, and we’re not entirely sure that we blame them. Not too long ago we talked about the so-called insider trading scandal involving DraftKings and FanDuel, and we predicted that some states would likely start pressing for stricter regulations in order to prevent similar occurrences in […]

Anheuser-Busch Threatens Sports Organizations

When we aren’t talking about sports or sports betting, one of our favorite things to discuss is the impact of sports on the fans. This has been a big issue recently, with ESPN shutting down Grantland and with hundreds of layoffs potentially indicating a drop in sports viewership. The primary issue is that networks such […]

Grantland Bids Farewell

You may or may not have heard of Grantland, depending upon your dedication to the world of sports journalism. Most people define Grantland as a website specializing in sports and pop culture, but to many it was more than that. It was a website that took a unique view on sports, covering topics not often […]

Is Sports Viewership Struggling?

We’ve talked before about sports betting demographics, but we haven’t actually talked much about sports viewership. The two subjects may seem intricately related, but they technically aren’t. After all, not all sports bettors actually take the time to watch the games. Some avoid them out of superstition, while others just find it too suspenseful to […]

Is Prayer in Sports a Big Deal?

We’ve all seen it in one capacity or another. Whether in our own locker rooms or on reruns of Friday Night Lights, we’ve inevitably witnessed the scene in which a football team is led in prayer before the big game. Sometimes they’re led by the coach, while other times the coach has brought in an […]

Sports Siblings as Awesome as Venus and Serena

We don’t really write too much about tennis, primarily because it isn’t one of the sports covered by our handicapping consulting services. But Aziz Ansari and Donald Trump don’t cover tennis, either, and they still joined the ranks of Oprah and the Kardashians as some of the many familiar faces present to watch Serena’s victory […]

Aurora Theater Shooting Victim Honored by Sports Drive

On its face, the giveSPORTS Equipment Drive is just another charitable effort to help kids gain access to luxuries that are not available to everyone. The sports equipment collected by the drive is generally used, but is still in good enough condition that kids can use it without complaint. Even items that have suffered a […]