2015 NBA Finals Contenders

Now that the Conference Semifinals are over, the 2015 NBA Finals are just around the corner. The Conference Finals are scheduled to last until close to the end of May, and right up to June 1st if necessary. This is bound to be a big event for basketball fans across the nation, and sports bettors […]

How Professional Bettors Profit from Betting the NBA

For professional sports bettors, basketball is almost as appealing as football. It is a fast-paced sport, with wagers being placed on both the professional and collegiate associations. Betting on NBA games is similar in some ways to betting on NFL games, although there are also some differences that many professional sports bettors take into account […]

NBA 2014-2015 Season Update: Current Standings

Last month, we gave you some NBA Playoffs scenarios about halfway through the season. Now that the season’s getting even closer to winding down, it’s worth taking another look at how each team is doing. Some teams are still doing about the same, but the rankings have undergone some changes since we last checked in […]