Academic Fraud Cases of 2015

If you don’t pass, then you don’t play. It’s one of the most fundamental rules in college sports, helping to ensure that student athletes work hard to maintain their scholarships and don’t skate by without focusing on their education. Unfortunately, the rules don’t always work out precisely the way they’re supposed to. And while there […]

4 Reasons the New NFL Rule Affects You

Note: As a writer, I like to maintain a bit of professional integrity by using the word “we” in my articles. It gives some credit to the site and the people who keep it running. But I’d like to take a quick moment to personally thank you for reading, and to wish you a happy […]

Sports Betting for Beginners – Football

Ahead of both baseball and basketball, the most popular sport for American bettors is football by a landslide. During the regular season, bettors place somewhere around one billion dollars’ worth of bets between all major sportsbooks in the nation. In fact, it has even been estimated that more than fifty percent of adults in the […]

Should the NCAA Pay Players?

“Billions and billions made”; that could easily be the slogan underneath the NCAA sign in Indianapolis. Because they’re often said to have a mint they can print money from. Overwhelmingly the thing that infuriates people more than anything when it comes to college athletics governing body is the hypocrisy that comes about when talking about […]

College Football Playoffs

After the initial playoff slotting has been announced and the inclusion of Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State who jumped up from number 6 in the previous poll, as expected there is debate for the number four spot and fury as there seems to be 6 viable teams trying to cram into six spots. […]

NCAA Commitment Rules Have to Change

As discussed in countless articles over countless years. The NCAA has antiquated rules that are in no way driven to protect the “student-athlete” experience.  I bring that up only because that’s why you can’t pay these kids, because they’re students and we have to protect that, right? Well if we have to protect them from […]

Rose Bowl Preview

In one of the most compelling match-ups of the bowl season, January 1st Oregon will face off with Florida State in the Rose Bowl. Pasadena will have some incredible storylines going into this game. Top of that list is last years Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston against this years presumed winner Marcus Mariota. While Mariota’s […]

The BCS 4.0-AKA-The College Football Playoff

Is anyone else as sick and tired of settling for better as an answer to a flawed problem. Well this is better than we had, sometimes that’s not good enough. And what we’re left with is something that is better but not what we deserve. We deserve right, we deserve complete, especially when complete and […]