Sports Betting for Beginners – Football

Ahead of both baseball and basketball, the most popular sport for American bettors is football by a landslide. During the regular season, bettors place somewhere around one billion dollars’ worth of bets between all major sportsbooks in the nation. In fact, it has even been estimated that more than fifty percent of adults in the […]

NFL Free Agent and Trade Madness: What’s going on in the NFL this offseason?

Between trades, retirements, and numerous unanswered questions regarding a multitude of free agents, true football fans never have to worry about getting too bored during the offseason. This year has been a particularly exciting year for free agency, with major players such as Ndamukong Suh and DeMarco Murray on the line. With the first week […]

Where Will Ndamukong Suh End Up?

Ndamukong Suh was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2010, and he’s been their star defensive tackle for a couple of years now. So it was a little bit surprising to some when he didn’t get the franchise tag this year. Naturally, football fans nationwide are now wondering where Suh might take on the spotlight […]

NFL Referees

NFL Rule Enforcement Going Too Far There’s a rule when it comes to American law (theoretically), innocent until proven guilty. There’s a rule when it comes to reviews in the NFL, CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE. That rule however isn’t draped over the rules and regulations themselves when referees are attempting to enforce them. Instead if you’re close […]

NFL Draft Top 5

Who is your #1 Pick? 2015 NFL Draft Preview The 2015 NFL Draft was thought to have two top flight QB Prospects in Jameson Winston of Florida State, as well as Marcus Mariota of Oregon, both of whom have declared themselves for the upcoming draft. The only real question was, who goes first? Enter Cardale […]

Sugar Bowl Preview

The Sugar Bowl will feature the best team in college football and a team that I think everyone, themselves included thinks is lucky to be there. Alabama will roll into the Sugar Bowl settled into their new style of offense under first year coordinator Lane Kiffin. It will pit two coaching heavyweights against each other […]