New Sports Betting Sites Are Taking Off in 2015

This is an e-sports competition. And if you’re thinking this picture is apropos of nothing on a sports betting site, then just keep reading. (Riot Games)

This is an e-sports competition. And if you’re thinking this picture is apropos of nothing on a sports betting site, then just keep reading. (Riot Games)

Not too long ago, we wrote about the possibilities of legal sports betting becoming a nationwide privilege, detailing the various proposed laws that would either make it easier to accomplish legal sports betting as well as those which would create obstacles. Now, it would appear that some new sports betting sites are coming to light that might increase the demand for legal sports betting in all states across the nation.

Some of these new sports betting sites have already broken ground, while others are technically still theoretical at this point in time. In any case, we’d like to take a look at each new opportunity which is being presented to the public right now, and assess the impact they might have on legal sports betting as the fight for legislation in favor of nationwide legal sports betting continues.

CG Technology Backs New Bills in Nevada

The Nevada state legislature could be responsible for a lot of new sports betting sites in the near future. (

The Nevada state legislature could be responsible for a lot of new sports betting sites in the near future. (

In the aforementioned article on legal sports betting, it was already mentioned that Nevada was pushing through a bill that would allow businesses to place sports bets, as opposed to only allowing individuals to place their wagers at the sportsbooks. However, one other law was also pushed through. This was Senate Bill 445, which states that Nevada is able to operate sportsbooks outside of their own jurisdiction, provided that the jurisdiction in question allows for legal sports betting.

What this essentially means is that Nevada can now operate sportsbooks in other states, which will be especially beneficial to them if governors such as Chris Christie get their way and are able to enact legal sports betting in their states. Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada was only one of Senate Bill 445’s supporters, with one of the other major backers being CG Technology. Since CG Technology specializes in online sportsbooks (often in the form of mobile apps), it is safe to say that a number of new sports betting sites may be created now that this bill has been signed.

Now, it should be stated that sports betting is not necessarily the largest facet of Nevada’s gaming industry. But they still receive their fair share of money, and a law which allows them to operate sportsbooks in other states (and even other countries) will allow Nevada to increase their profit margins by quite a bit. A host of new sports betting sites, some of them operating in foreign countries with different sports and altogether different clientele, would ensure that Nevada gains even more from the growing trend of sports betting.

Of course, our article on recent news in the struggle to enact legal sports betting in various nations noted that there was still some resistance from the leagues, which seems to be especially true of the NFL right now. Even fantasy sports are currently a thorn in their side right now, as evidenced by Tony Romo’s recent attempt to head up a fantasy football convention. While Romo had planned the event for July, word had practically just gotten out when the NFL brought the hammer down on the whole thing due to the sheer fact that it was planned to take place in a casino in Vegas.

If even fantasy sports are becoming an issue as far as the NFL is concerned, then legal sports betting in the United States will continue to be a struggle. This is possibly why Nevada has opted for this new bill in the first place. While their industry is still safe, ensuring that new sports betting sites focus their efforts outside of the country might help to keep their business intact. We have yet to see what precisely will come of this bill, but it seems likely that it will result in not only the creation of new sports betting sites, but also efforts by current online sportsbooks to expand their efforts and set lines on more sports.

This could be a good thing for sports bettors everywhere. If Nevada is looking to get customers abroad, and new sports betting sites are created with this goal in mind, then there is no reason to believe that membership would not be open to United States citizens as well. The result would be increased access to betting lines on different sports. Of course, this would mean a lot more work for sports bettors who wanted to take advantage of this access, since even beginners have to learn quite a bit if they want to be successful in the world of sports betting. Those with a little more experience, however, would be able to start handicapping some new sports while looking for the right online sportsbooks to accommodate their new interests.

Evander Holyfield Opens New Sportsbook

Legendary boxer Evander Holyfield has opened a sportsbook that allows you to bet on Starcraft of all things. (Channel 5)

Legendary boxer Evander Holyfield has opened a sportsbook that allows you to bet on Starcraft of all things. (Channel 5)

While the above entry focused primarily on new sports betting sites that might be created with the help of state legislation in Nevada, one of the most up and coming new sports betting sites actually opened just this week. The site in question is called, and is operated by five-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. We talked above about the possibility of new sports betting sites operated by Vegas casinos making more sporting events accessible to sports bettors? Well strap yourself in, because Holyfield is already doing just that.

Holyfield’s new online casino is, much like the hypothetical sites described in the entry above, aimed largely at overseas markets. To reach as wide a market as possible, the site is offering lines on over thirty different sports, with tens of thousands of events every single month. Holyfield also opted for a partnership with SBTech, ensuring that his new online casino would be usable on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. He claims that the site will offer a number of decent bonuses, and has also promised quick payouts (which most sports bettors are likely to deem important when using an online sportsbook). He also boasts competitive odds, which hopefully means that bettors will be able to save a bit on juice when using the site.

A cursory glance at the site shows that while Holyfield has attempted to service a large overseas market, he has not ignored stateside bettors in the process. In fact, every sport for which you’ll receive picks if you utilize our handicapping consulting services has been offered by his site. This means that sports bettors will able to place bets on games related to the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA basketball and football. In his attempt to make this one of the more comprehensive new sports betting sites around, Holyfield has also incorporated less popular alternatives to each of these options, such as AHL games and WNBA games.

The AHL and WNBA are not the only less popular options provided, however. Winter sports such as downhill skiing have spots on the site’s large menu of available sports, as do barroom games such as darts and billiards. Even more surprising, there is a section labelled “E-Sports,” under which bettors may place straight bets or over/under bets on competitive video games such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: GO. These are options that you simply aren’t too likely to see on a lot of other online sportsbooks, although one has to wonder if other new sports betting sites might not begin incorporating them if this facet of Holyfield’s business turns out to be profitable.

We’re not sure whose job it is to figure out the spread on a game like Starcraft or Counter-Strike, or how they go about it. It’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t see those becoming a part of our handicapping consulting services at any point in the near future, but it’s still pretty intriguing to know that this is an option for online sports bettors. And seeing those options on Holyfield’s site almost draws attention to the options that aren’t present, such as college baseball. Not that college baseball is the most popular option for sports bettors (or even for some spectators), but it seems as if it would be a bit more popular than online gaming competitions.

This entry on the list, which is by far the most fascinating, should be concluded with a brief personal note from the writer. I was telling a friend of mine about Holyfield’s site, when he remarked that providing so many options while also hosting a full online casino was probably going to drive some people to Gamblers Anonymous. The site’s creators (and possibly Holyfield himself) appear to have thought of this. The site actually has a section labelled “Responsible Gambling,” listed alongside their rules and their privacy policy. Rather than simply seeking customer’s money, the site actually recommends people close their account if they no longer enjoy the thrill of sports betting. With some people occasionally attaching an unfair stigma to sports betting, it is nice to see new sports betting sites accounting for this issue head-on and encouraging their users to be responsible.

Poker Platform Develops Sports Betting App

The PokerStars Sportsbook technically launched months ago, but now they’re out of beta. In the UK, anyway. (Saniphoto/Dreamstime)

The PokerStars Sportsbook technically launched months ago, but now they’re out of beta. In the UK, anyway. (Saniphoto/Dreamstime)

PokerStars is one of the premier sites for online poker players, and they are expecting to receive licensing from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement within the next few months. They intend to partner with Resorts Casino, and some are expecting them to have a major impact on the gaming industry within that state. There are some who disagree with this premise, but even those sources believe that there will at least be some impact of which to speak.

If this is true, then it might be beneficial to New Jersey that PokerStars is also expanding into the world of sports betting. This makes them one of the more interesting new sports betting sites, as they might tie into New Jersey’s fight for legal sports betting. Unfortunately, the PokerStars Sportsbook is not actually aiming its business at the United States. At least, not yet. Unlike the other new sports betting sites previously mentioned, this one is definitively a UK-based platform.

The beta for their new sportsbook was launched at the end of March, and the PokerStars 7 client can be used as a mobile app to utilize their services from approved regions. The sports currently serviced by their new offering include, according to a previously linked source: “football [which in this case likely means soccer], tennis, basketball, ice hockey, rugby union, handball, and volleyball,” although the source in question claims that more sources are to be added as time goes on. Hopefully, more regions will be added to their overall service area as well.

The one thing that might stand in the way of bringing the PokerStars Sportsbook to the United States is that David Baazov, CEO of Amaya Gaming, has explicitly stated that the creation of their sports betting client is related to the state of online gaming regulation. This means that he is not likely to rock the boat in a country where many states have still not embraced the idea of legal sports betting. If sports betting were to become legal on a more national scale (or even just in a few more states), and this were to lead other new sports betting sites to gain success in the US market, then Baazov might be inclined to change his mind.

In fact, they are so closely regulating their sports betting client that it is essentially one of the least visible new sports betting sites ever created. If you access the PokerStars website from an American IP address, then you will not see the “Sports” tab at the top of the page. In fact, the closest you can get to their sports betting client is an error message telling you that the site is not available in your region.

They do, however, appear to be expanding already. They have already received licenses outside of the UK, namely in Spain. This means that Baazov is definitely interested in expansion, provided that the regulations of the market are in line. So while it is clear that there are several parties interested in creating new sports betting sites for international markets, Holyfield might be one of the few parties who has a) actually created such a site and b) offered a number of American sporting events as part of his services. The Nevada legislature and the possible expansion of the PokerStars client are both promising, but we might rely on people such as Holyfield to lead the movement to increase the offering of new sports betting sites in the United States.