NFL Draft Top 5

nfldraftWho is your #1 Pick? 2015 NFL Draft Preview

The 2015 NFL Draft was thought to have two top flight QB Prospects in Jameson Winston of Florida State, as well as Marcus Mariota of Oregon, both of whom have declared themselves for the upcoming draft. The only real question was, who goes first? Enter Cardale Jones.

Cardale Jones

Assuming he declares for the the upcoming draft, has a QB ever went from obscurity, to a national championship winning QB, and potential 1st round draft pick so quickly? This is a guy who was stuck at #3 on the depth chart, with two very talented QBs in Miller and Barrett ahead of him, not only was starting playing time a longshot, but even thinking of the NFL Draft would have been foolish. This was all before the past 3 games, where Ohio State went from a team most people didn’t think deserved making the 1st College Football Playoff, to dismantling Oregon in the National Title game.

Who Does Tampa Take #1?

This has made the upcoming draft one of the more interesting drafts concerning QBs, that I can remember. The top of the draft order finds many teams who could use an upgrade at QB, including the Tampa Bay Bucs with the #1 overall pick. Living just 20 mins outside of Tampa, the locals here are not happy with Josh McCown or Mike Glennon. With a draft that seems to have 3 legit NFL QBs available, and owning the top spot, the Bucs could make a big splash…or isolate their fanbase by taking someone like Brandon Scherff who would identify and fill a big need on the offensive line.

The biggest question in my opinion is which QB is the so called “can’t miss”…? Everyone is looking for the next Andrew Luck, but guys like him are rare, and more often than not you end up with a Jamarcus Russell, or a Joey Harrington, or David Carr…or Ryan Leaf…the list goes on and on.   So how do you identify who the best QB in this draft is? Simple in my opinion.

If you are Tampa Bay, are you really going to hitch your future to a guy who has played 3 college games in his entire career? Albeit, he played outstanding against the best competition, but let’s be honest here, Jones is 1-2 Big Macs away from being another JaMarcus Russell. It’s too big of a risk here, and you can’t afford to whiff that badly if you are Tampa Bay.

Mariota vs Winston Part II

So, let’s take Jones out of the equation, and focus directly on Winston vs Mariota. My argument is 100% in favor of Mariota. First off, the Mariota destroyed Winston head to head in the college football playoff. Not only that, but do you want to bring in someone with the checkered past of Winston? Alleged sexual allegations, suspensions, robbery, just to name a few of the mistakes Winston made, all during his just 2 year stint in college. This kid is not ready to run a franchise,he’s more likely to RUIN a franchise, and will not be well respected in an NFL Locker room. Winston is a long-term project at best.

That brings us to Marcus Mariota. Mariota may not turn out to be Andrew Luck, or Russell Wilson, but he has the capability to be a long-term Pro Bowl QB, who could lead a team to a NFL Championship in his career. Mariota leaves college as one of the most decorated QBs in college history, setting a Pac12 record for touchdown passes in his career with 136. Stats aside, character is very important as well, and when if ever did you hear or can you find anyone who has anything negative to say about Mariota? An upstanding student, teammate, and most importantly leader of a team. If you are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there is no question in my opinion what you do with the #1 Overall Pick. You can’t afford to miss with the #1 overall pick, and with Mariota you won’t.   Check back soon, to see my team by team evaluation and prediction for the upcoming draft!