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As of late, we have been posting a number of basic guides to betting on baseball, basketball, and football. We’ve even covered some of the things that professional bettors keep in mind when betting on the NBA, as well as a few of the pitfalls you may want to avoid when betting the NFL. If you’re just getting into the world of sports betting, then there is a good chance you are looking to take advantage of this advice in order to increase your winnings and make a tidy sum through your efforts.

Of course, you cannot always do it alone. Handicapping games can be an arduous task, especially if you are hoping to place enough bets to truly become profitable. Even if you follow all of the advice that we have given you so far, you may occasionally stumble. And if you are just starting out, then you are going to want a few extra pushes in the right direction.

This is why we make no secret of the fact that many clients have benefited from our handicapping consulting services. And while our best picks are generally given through our Diamond Club Selections, we have a couple of regular season packages and we offer a free trial for those who are hesitant to open their wallet to a team of complete strangers.

Taking advantage of our free trial would not be the worst decision you ever made. After all, you’ll be given a chance to increase your winnings as a bettor without having to pony up any dough to outside parties. You might wonder why we’d offer you a free trial for a service like this, but the answer is quite simple. We have faith in ourselves, and we’d like to share it with you. When you sign up for our free trial, we don’t just provide you with complimentary services for a period of time—we also make a promise to deliver each of the following:

1. Credibility

(Sports Illustrated)

(Sports Illustrated)

It should not surprise you to hear this, but we are not new to the art of handicapping games. Bear in mind that to be a successful bettor, you must win over half of your bets. It seems like you would have a fifty-fifty chance at this, but that’s until you start factoring in the point spread and other factors that make handicapping a game much more complicated than simply guessing which team will win and which team will lose. That is part of the reason that it can be hard to get started on your own, and part of the reason that you may benefit from seeking the help of professionals such as ourselves.

When you sign up for our free trial, you are receiving seven days of service provided by people who have been handicapping games for decades. They have worked their way from the ground up to get where they are today, and the lessons they have learned can benefit you in major ways.

For instance, one of our primary handicappers, Steven, spent the better part of ten years without achieving much success. His credibility today can largely be attributed to his encounters with a professional handicapper who he met in Las Vegas. A quarter of a century later, Steven has grown successful enough to win Vegas handicapping competitions through his intricate understanding of various trends that allow him to understand how lines are influenced and in which directions they are likely to move.

Of course, some of our handicappers did not have to earn their credibility in such dramatic fashion. For instance, Robbie has always been a fan of line movement and statistics, largely due to his love of  sports, mathematics, and the manner in which the two intersect. Some bookmakers are prone to error, and Robbie is prone to figuring out where they have made such mistakes. He is especially keen on making over/under bets, and his plays will usually exploit the mistakes made by other handicappers in assessing each team’s performance and how it will affect the combined total of the game.

Our third primary handicapper, Scotty, is responsible for some of the more counter-intuitive plays that we are able to give you. Much like Robbie, he can generally tell when certain trends in the sports books are based on a flawed assessment of the teams that are competing against one another. It doesn’t hurt that he has been handicapping for close to thirty years, which has given him a great deal of insight into how lines are set. If a sports book has set its lines with the intention of trapping you into a false sense of security and betting on the wrong team, he will be able to guide you in the proper direction.

Needless to say, a great deal of our credibility as a team stems from the individual credibility of each of our handicappers. We are comfortable promising to assist you in making your plays because we are confident in our abilities. Will every single play be a winner? No, because a 100% success rate in the world of sports betting is virtually impossible. But will you make a profit if you follow every single play exactly as we tell you? Yes, absolutely. If we were not profitable in making our own wagers, then we would not be in a position to offer you this service to begin with. Our credibility begins with our team, but the end result is our ability to pass our knowledge onto clients such as yourself.

2. Reliability

Okay, so the above photo is slightly exaggerated. We are not simply going to hand you a gigantic stack of cash out of our own pockets. Don’t get us wrong—we’d love to have the ability to do so but that simply isn’t how the world works. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about it, because we can still offer you a level of service that is reliable enough to ensure that you will earn a fair profit by adhering to the plays we provide you.

This is one of the major reasons that we are comfortable offering our services for a free trial period of seven days to begin with. In case you couldn’t tell from the credibility of our handicappers, we are confident in our ability to offer reliable services that will yield respectable winnings over time. The free seven days that we are offering you in our trial are just a taste of what is to come if you stick with us for the long haul.

Naturally, our hope is that your trial will be successful enough to convince you to keep taking advantage of our services. A less reliable handicapping service would most likely not allow you to see their plays before shelling out a subscription fee, because they would lack confidence in their ability to help you win with any real consistency. In this case, we have tried our handicapping methods out time and time again, and have helped our customers to achieve success and earn back their subscription fee with minimal effort.

If you have read our “About Us” page, then you already know a little bit about our handicappers and our established credibility, but you may have skimmed over some of the statistics on just how reliable our services can be. Not only do we make winning selections often enough to grant you a profit, but we’ll even tell you how much to wager in order to maximize your earnings (while minimizing your losses in the event of an unexpected outcome).

Our Diamond Club Selections are where this reliability truly pays off. In terms of success rate, anything around 53% is considered profitable in the world of sports betting. But when you have a service that can promise you a long term success rate over 65% on their top plays then you have struck gold. Of course, we are not able to offer Diamond Selections every day, but they are so often profitable that we are comfortable recommending you to wager between eight and ten percent of your weekly bankroll on them.

In addition to the reliability of our handicapping service, we also strive to demonstrate our customer appreciation to the best of our abilities. We have a 24-hour email support staff, and we offer telephone support for a collective fifty hours a week. If you ever have a question about our services, you are more than welcome to contact us. A large part of our mission as a business is to be there for our clients, and we promise never to compromise our position on this matter. If you need assistance with anything, simply drop us a line and we will be there for you.

3. Loyalty

(David Daniels Photography)

(David Daniels Photography)

No, our third promise is not a free puppy dog (sorry). However, we do promise to give our customers complete loyalty in all of our dealings together. The very fact that we offer a free trial in the first place should make this relatively clear. There are some handicapping consultants that would rather have you pay upfront, potentially losing money on lackluster services provided by handicappers who are neither reliable nor particularly credible. We want you to see that you can form a profitable working relationship with us, and we are willing to help you start profiting before you pay us a single dime in order to make our loyalty abundantly clear.

Our loyalty should also be clear from the information already given to you regarding our reliable customer service and firm hours of availability. While you may not be able to phone us outside of business hours, you can send us in email in the dead of night with full assurance that your queries will be answered as soon as your message is received.

We also recognize that various clients have various needs, and for that reason we do not make you jump through hoops when you decide it is time for a cancellation of services. If you have decided that you had a good run but that you now want or need to put sports betting aside for a while, we will be sad to see you go but will not make the parting difficult by bombarding you with emails for the remainder of your paid time.

Since the internet is central to our business model, we recognize that personal privacy is an important aspect of the loyalty we promise to deliver our clients. These days, online security is a major concern, and numerous companies have risked losing the trust of their clients by failing to pull their weight in this regard. We have enough business savvy, not to mention respect for our clients, to learn from their mistakes.

That is why we do not only do our best to ensure your security, but we have even put this assurance in writing in the form of our privacy policy. Our policy promises regular malware scans as well as other security measures that are taken to safeguard all transactions. Your credit information is encrypted, and very few members of our staff are able to access this information when needed. Through the use of secured networks and gateway providers, we have made sure that no unseemly third parties are likely to infiltrate our site and steal your information any time soon.

Given the effort we have put into ensuring your security, it should go without saying that we are not about to give your information to any third parties by our own volition. Any information that you provide us will be kept perfectly safe, and will not be traded or sold to any other companies for the purposes of advertising, marketing or solicitation.

Our commitment to loyalty, on top of our promises of credibility and reliability, makes it possible for us to offer you seven days of free service with confidence that you will want to extend your service period once your free trial is over. After seven days of a profitable relationship with us, during which you will be able to experience each of the above promises, you will see that there are few handicapping consultants around that are able to match our caliber.

-The WePickSports Team