A Brief Guide to Prop Bets

Not too long ago, we gave you a complete guide to sports betting for beginners. And while we mentioned several different types of wagers in this guide, we did not cover them all at equal length. For instance, we mentioned that prop bets exist, and we gave a short explanation of what they are, but […]

Should the NCAA Pay Players?

“Billions and billions made”; that could easily be the slogan underneath the NCAA sign in Indianapolis. Because they’re often said to have a mint they can print money from. Overwhelmingly the thing that infuriates people more than anything when it comes to college athletics governing body is the hypocrisy that comes about when talking about […]

Why “MoneyBall” and Video Games are Ruining Baseball

Moneyball is a phrase that spun into existence because Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics use analytics to turn baseball on it’s head.  See through the use of that awful thing called math you could use averages, on base percentage and any number of other things to produce wins simply by a player producing based on […]

Falling Short of Destiny

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, lovable losers make an improbable run to the World Series. After ending a 29 year playoff drought they find themselves in a 1 game play off.  They enter the 8th inning down 3 runs to their arch-nemesis known as “expletive” Lester in Kansas City. Then the improbable happens, the Royals […]