2016 NBA Finals Odds and Analysis

The 2016 NBA Finals begin tonight, pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. Will the Warriors become NBA champions the second year in a row, or will the Cavs take home the rings that so many fans expected them to win last year? A lot of arguments have been made on both sides, […]

Grantland Bids Farewell

You may or may not have heard of Grantland, depending upon your dedication to the world of sports journalism. Most people define Grantland as a website specializing in sports and pop culture, but to many it was more than that. It was a website that took a unique view on sports, covering topics not often […]

Is Sports Viewership Struggling?

We’ve talked before about sports betting demographics, but we haven’t actually talked much about sports viewership. The two subjects may seem intricately related, but they technically aren’t. After all, not all sports bettors actually take the time to watch the games. Some avoid them out of superstition, while others just find it too suspenseful to […]