The Best Sports Moments of 2015

New Year’s is almost upon us, with several major championships coming up and a lot to engage the excitement of fans and sports bettors in 2016. We’ll keep providing those who utilize our handicapping consulting services with picks to enhance their pocketbook, but for now we’d like to take one last moment to look back […]

Grantland Bids Farewell

You may or may not have heard of Grantland, depending upon your dedication to the world of sports journalism. Most people define Grantland as a website specializing in sports and pop culture, but to many it was more than that. It was a website that took a unique view on sports, covering topics not often […]

The Undefeated Struggles to Break Ground

It doesn’t happen too often, but every once in a blue moon we like to turn our lens away from actual sports and focus on other websites. We would not be able to offer our high-quality handicapping consulting services if not for the wealth of stats and play-by-plays offered up by many reputable sports websites, […]