The Best Sports Moments of 2015

New Year’s is almost upon us, with several major championships coming up and a lot to engage the excitement of fans and sports bettors in 2016. We’ll keep providing those who utilize our handicapping consulting services with picks to enhance their pocketbook, but for now we’d like to take one last moment to look back […]

NFL (Accidentally) Defends Sports Betting as Game of Skill

We’ve recently discussed the notion of legal sports betting, and whether or not it could ever become a nationwide reality. One of the biggest obstacles, however, was that the national pro sports leagues do not generally approve of legalized sports betting. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been one major proponent of legal sports betting due […]

New Sports Betting Sites Are Taking Off in 2015

Not too long ago, we wrote about the possibilities of legal sports betting becoming a nationwide privilege, detailing the various proposed laws that would either make it easier to accomplish legal sports betting as well as those which would create obstacles. Now, it would appear that some new sports betting sites are coming to light […]