The Best Sports Moments of 2015

New Year’s is almost upon us, with several major championships coming up and a lot to engage the excitement of fans and sports bettors in 2016. We’ll keep providing those who utilize our handicapping consulting services with picks to enhance their pocketbook, but for now we’d like to take one last moment to look back […]

The History of Thanksgiving Football

We’ve already posted our 2015 Thanksgiving football schedule, so you should be more than prepared to watch six teams pound the stuffing out of each other as you enjoy your turkey and disturbingly can-shaped cranberry sauce. These were pretty loose predictions, so we’re excited to see how they turn out ourselves. But as we’re sitting […]

Anheuser-Busch Threatens Sports Organizations

When we aren’t talking about sports or sports betting, one of our favorite things to discuss is the impact of sports on the fans. This has been a big issue recently, with ESPN shutting down Grantland and with hundreds of layoffs potentially indicating a drop in sports viewership. The primary issue is that networks such […]

NFL (Accidentally) Defends Sports Betting as Game of Skill

We’ve recently discussed the notion of legal sports betting, and whether or not it could ever become a nationwide reality. One of the biggest obstacles, however, was that the national pro sports leagues do not generally approve of legalized sports betting. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been one major proponent of legal sports betting due […]

Could Legal Sports Betting Become a Nationwide Reality?

When we recently posted our complete beginners’ guide to betting on sports, we mentioned in one of the first sections that legal sports betting is not available in all states, and that some potential sports bettors might have to overcome their ethical hang-ups regarding whether making bets online would constitute breaking or merely bending the […]

NFL Referees

NFL Rule Enforcement Going Too Far There’s a rule when it comes to American law (theoretically), innocent until proven guilty. There’s a rule when it comes to reviews in the NFL, CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE. That rule however isn’t draped over the rules and regulations themselves when referees are attempting to enforce them. Instead if you’re close […]

NFL Draft Top 5

Who is your #1 Pick? 2015 NFL Draft Preview The 2015 NFL Draft was thought to have two top flight QB Prospects in Jameson Winston of Florida State, as well as Marcus Mariota of Oregon, both of whom have declared themselves for the upcoming draft. The only real question was, who goes first? Enter Cardale […]