2015-16 NBA Season Standings (Western)

We already took a look at the 2015-16 NBA season standings for the Eastern Conference, but it’s now time to look toward the Western Conference as we continue our assessment of the current season. Some teams are doing a pretty excellent job at climbing through the rankings, but others still have a long way to […]

Is Prayer in Sports a Big Deal?

We’ve all seen it in one capacity or another. Whether in our own locker rooms or on reruns of Friday Night Lights, we’ve inevitably witnessed the scene in which a football team is led in prayer before the big game. Sometimes they’re led by the coach, while other times the coach has brought in an […]

NBA 2014-2015 Season Update: Current Standings

Last month, we gave you some NBA Playoffs scenarios about halfway through the season. Now that the season’s getting even closer to winding down, it’s worth taking another look at how each team is doing. Some teams are still doing about the same, but the rankings have undergone some changes since we last checked in […]