Why We Give Free Sports Picks

If you were following our Twitter page back in May, you might have noticed something strange. Right after announcing that we had managed to maintain a win record of 75% for more than fifty days, we offered three free sports picks in a row. But why would we do this? Certainly, such a high record should stand on its own. It seems as if we could have generated quite a bit of business by posting these numbers. Doesn’t it seem weird that we would risk sacrificing that business by giving away free sports picks while we’re at the top of our game?

Sure, maybe it seems that way. But remember that this isn’t the only manner in which we give away free sports picks. We also offer a seven-day free trial, during which users can receive free sports picks every single day. And when it comes right down to it, the reasoning behind giving free sports picks on an individual basis is not much different than the reasoning behind giving them for a week straight. That’s why we decided it might be a good idea to take a moment and revisit this idea of the potential free winnings we’ve been doling out.

Not only will we discuss why we give free sports picks, but we’ll discuss why you should care. We’ll start by talking about what you have to gain from our free sports picks, followed by what we have to gain by offering them. Then, we’ll finish by examining the nature of free sports picks in general and how we can succeed together. Because you might just think of yourself as a current or prospective client, but you’re not. You’re a part of our team.

We Value Your Success

You’ll see a lot of our competitors talking about how much they care for their customers. And we’d naturally like to make the same claim, but we won’t. After all, how much does it mean coming from us? Instead, we’d like to direct you to our testimonials. If you read through them, you’ll see a lot of customers talking about how much money they won by placing their faith in WePickSports. But more importantly, you’ll see that every testimonial mentions the fact that they felt they were in good, caring hands.

This is largely because each of our handicappers has been unsuccessful in the past. After all, you have to start somewhere. But eventually, we learned to succeed. And not only did we learn that it was a great way to make a living, we also remembered where we came from. We realized that there are a lot of other sports bettors out there who are trying their hardest, but just can’t seem to make it. If we were going to use our new skills to make a living at the sportsbooks, then we figured we may as well help a few people along the way. That’s what we set out to do, and we’ve been doing it pretty successfully.

However, it isn’t just luck that we’ve been keeping up our high win record. If you’ll take a moment to notice, one testimonial from a Rhode Island resident named Freddy mentions that we don’t necessarily inundate our clients with plays. We are actually quite selective, taking our time to carefully handicap each game before deciding whether or not we’re confident enough to place a wager. It is because we value your success that we would never recommend you to place a bet that we wouldn’t place ourselves.

This might make the notion of our free sports picks seem even more confusing. After all, if we don’t offer too many selections to begin with, it might seem as if offering free sports picks is putting a huge chink in our own takings. But it isn’t just about us. It’s about making sure that our clients, whether current or prospective, are as successful as possible. There is something of a selfish motive here, of course. After all, losing sports bettors can’t afford to pay for sports picks. But giving away free sports picks is about more than just good business. It’s also about telling you what you can expect from us if you sign on as a client.

As for what you can expect, this is covered in our article on the promises offered by our free trial. These three promises are credibility, reliability, and loyalty. When you see our free sports picks and use them to win, you will be reassured that we offer a credible and reliable service. And the sheer fact that we are willing to offer free sports picks in the first place should be a strong indicator that we are highly loyal to our clients. Even before you’ve signed on with us, we want you to win. It’s more than just good business. It’s a desire to see bettors win.

We may not offer a ton of free sports picks every day, partly because we don’t offer too many selections. But the selections we offer are 75% reliable, which is about 20% more than it takes to become a winning sports bettor. If we didn’t value your success, we probably wouldn’t offer free sports picks at all. We might save money if we kept those picks to ourselves, but that just isn’t who we are. There’s no point in running a business if you don’t care about your customers. And at WePickSports, we care. Don’t expect us to stop anytime soon.

We Relish Our Success

Sometimes we get so excited about our selections, we just want to shout them from the rooftops. (Photo via Huffington Post)

Sometimes we get so excited about our selections, we just want to shout them from the rooftops. (Photo via Huffington Post)

As much as we value your success, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t fairly satisfied with our own. That’s why we made that tweet about our 75% win record to begin with. We weren’t just bragging. We were genuinely excited. And it was in that excitement that we decided to start giving away free sports picks. We were on a roll, and we wanted to share that with you.

We also expressed our excitement just a couple of weeks before we hit that 50-day mark, when we had only kept up our 75% record for about a month. After seeing how well we were doing, we implemented our seven-day free trial. That isn’t to say that we hadn’t offered a free trial before then, but it was only five days. With business growing and our success rate at the sportsbooks increasing by a decent percentage, we just couldn’t see the harm in offering a couple of extra days. This partly plays into the value we place in our clients’ success. Two days more of free sports picks were certain to offer our prospective clients even better winnings. But we were also simply proud that we were able to offer those extra days with a degree of confidence.

In fact, a lot of the things we do for our site visitors would not be possible without this same confidence. For instance, we offer our sports bettors access to a major resource in the form of our complete beginners guide to sports betting. Some sites might hesitate to allow their viewers such an in-depth peek into their handicapping methods. But we’re proud of how we do things, and we want to help others learn how to do the same. We also value the art of sports betting itself, which is why we argue against some of the stigma placed against sports bettors, and why we encourage readers of our beginners guide to question whether or not sports betting is the game for them.

In short, we’re proud of who we are. This fuels our respect for our clients, and our desire to enable them to find the same success that we have found. Nobody should be denied the feeling of satisfaction that comes with placing a winning sports bet. We know how good it feels because we feel it on a regular basis. Usually, when we are supremely confident that one of our wagers will be a surefire winner, we offer it up as one of our Diamond Club selections. But every once in a while, you’ll see a selection about which we’re fairly certain showing up as one of our free sports picks. This is when our excitement is just too much to contain, and we have to share it with the world.

We don’t want to come across as too cocky. The drive to see newcomers succeed is a major component of the reasoning behind our free sports picks. And even if we didn’t take so much pride in our successes, we would probably still operate on this principle. All we’re saying is that it’s nice to have something to be proud of, and it’s even nicer to be able to share that feeling. Every time one of our free sports picks churns out a win, we are able to feel the same triumphant satisfaction as any of our current or prospective clients who made use of that particular selection. And we like to think that this shared feeling of confidence and success brings us just a little bit closer together.

This is the primary reason that we give free sports picks. Not just for your success, and not just for ours. Instead, think of the success that we can achieve together. That might sound confusing, but it’s actually a simple concept. In fact, we’ve hinted at it a little bit already. And the cooperative success of which we speak is more than just a confident guarantee. It’s actually a solid principle that’s been incorporated directly into our business model.

Together, We Can Win

A business has a symbiotic relationship with its clients, and we are no exception. As stated earlier, it was largely our growing success that enabled us to begin offering extended free trials and free sports picks in the first place. When we offer free sports picks, we enable sports bettors to win. When they then sign up for our handicapping consulting services, we are able to continue offering free sports picks. It’s a wonderful cycle, and it works in everyone’s favor. The more we win, the more you win. And the more you win, the more we win. It sounds complex, but it really isn’t.

Imagine how great the world would be if every business followed this same model. And to some extent, it does. Economist Adam Smith wrote that businesses would ultimately benefit their customers by trying to benefit themselves. But we believe that this relationship works in both ways. Smith wasn’t wrong, but glib interpretations of his “invisible hand” theory leave out the fact that many businesses will also benefit themselves when they begin working in favor of their customers. If we didn’t have the type of business model that generated the testimonials referenced earlier, then it’s unlikely we would still be in business. A company can offer any type of product that it wants, but the only product that truly matters is the smile on the face of a satisfied client.

That’s why we intend to keep offering free sports picks. And we hope that you’ll continue to make use of them. That’s what they’re there for. We hope that you will use these free sports picks and recognize that our winning record is here to stay. Our handicappers have spent a lot of time honing their craft, and it has paid off. We’re in a place that enables us to share the wealth, so we may as well continue to do so.

If you have any questions about our service, or about our free sports picks, then feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to talk with prospective clients about how we do things. Because while WePickSports might be a business, we like to consider it more of a community. A community of winning sports bettors, working as a team to ensure that they maintain their success rate. You are an important part of that success, and we are incredibly thankful for it. So make use of our free sports picks, and remember that each time you win, you have helped us fulfill our goal to help burgeoning sports bettors become successful. That’s a wonderful thing.